About TWP

The Wilder Place began several years ago in November 2005. It’s evolving actually… from just a blog, and one which I didn’t update often, to the homepage of our blog and our genealogy (added in 2009). As time goes on I hope to add many more features to this site. I really want one cohesive whole of a site though, meaning that it looks the same across the various features. I also want it to be useful and informative, where folks return periodically to either read new and hopefully entertaining writings or to get the latest genealogical information on shared ancestors and to give information to us in return as well. So my first priority is the “cohesive whole” and it’s a learning adventure… even though I’ve been involved in software development since the early ’80s… it’s still a rapidly changing field and our site has been my primary way of remaining technically up to date.

Things coming down the road:

  • Forum for various surnames
  • Chat channel – proactively talking with folks who visit our site
  • A blog of stories for the genealogical portion of the site
  • Surname / geographical links (e.g., links of other GLAZIER sites and sources)
  • Resource Bibliographies of various areas of interests… I’m a book-aholic… Hello, my name’s Luci and I’m a reader… and while that doesn’t sound like a bad thing… you should probably talk to my husband Gordon… who has had to fund my addiction as well as build book cases… and perhaps additional rooms to house my growing volumes.
  • Surname wikis
  • Sitemap
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