God IS & is Awesome!

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Yesterday I was laid off. We’ve depended on my 6 figure income for 11 years. So sounds horrible right? Absolutely NOT! Here are 10 huge blessings which makes this one of the happiest days of my life! PRAISE GOD

  1. Romans 8:28 “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” This is covered by that ALL. PRAISE GOD
  2. I had a wonderful opportunity to witness to my colleagues both openly verbally (for the first time since they hired me they couldn’t fire me for openly prostlytizing) and by the lack of tears and with a lot of smiles. PRAISE GOD
  3. Last night our daughter called me and gave me several leads on where to sell our jewelry… That was both a wonderful thing to do and cheered me immensely (I love you too Baby Girl) and professionally great for Wilder Baubles. PRAISE GOD
  4. My severance package is huge… Pay through March with life health insurance, dental and vision. AND professional support to me as to career options including resume, job search, BETTER Entrepeneurship, that is to formalize and professionalize Wilder Baubles (WOW!!!) and they are giving me $2,500 to take classes (formal metalsmithing for Wilder Baubles). PRAISE GOD
  5. Because God held their hand from laying me off in the first 3 rounds of layoffs, I was able to: get 2 cochlear implants, was covered through several pnemonias, a ruptured disk in my neck, spinal stenousous, and get my heart checked out, get all the tools needed for Wilder Baubles, reach the age of 60 (see why this is sooo good below). PRAISE GOD
  6. Because I’m 60 with 11 years with them I qualify for early retirement and can NOW draw my pension while also getting severance COOL!! – I just found out about this this morning. You don’t know that I’ve prayed nearly every day that The Lord allow me to join Gordon in retirement. Wow!!! AGAIN he’s directly answered my prayers. PRAISE GOD
  7. Because God’s timing is always perfect we have all the tools, supplies, work area needed to really get Wilder Baubles going and I can book us (Wilder Baubles) every week going forward. PRAISE GOD
  8. His timing and providence also allowed us to get a wonderful truck debt free for our shows (1953 Ford F-100 ;0) PRAISE GOD
  9. The time I needed to make jewelry WITHOUT working two jobs. PRAISE GOD
  10. Successful hunter sons to provide meat ;0) PRAISE GOD

Buy American – Build America!

I would like just one thing, same as many others… a stronger economy! How do we get that? That’s easy!

First, let’s consider how we can successfully keep it going downhill… What happens when we send our profit to Japan? (an engine built here is not profit, that’s part of sales, profit is over and above that and goes back to the Mother Country)… Our jobs offshore? And then bailout those who fail because we did the 1st 2 things?

WE SINK! Our economy cannot get better until and unless we invest in ourselves FIRST!

  1. BUY American (not Korean, Japanese, nor Chinese)
  2. Keep our jobs here, don’t hire an Indonesian in Indonesia when we have people who need jobs! But DO HIRE an Indonesian here who needs a job
  3. Finally, let our economy right itself!

If you do not want to buy an American car… OK… but then DO NOT bail out the American Car company! There really is some LOGIC here…. Or consider…. if YOU do NOT want to buy an American car… OK… but then do NOT make ME bail out that American car company.

This isn’t rocket science, rather it’s sound economic principles in motion. Can anyone speak for me? Not really, unless they proscribe to the above! We see so many “pass it on” messages… Can you pass this one on?

A brief review of Etsy Success by Kathleen Donovan

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My 2nd (we all had to start at the beginning ;-) book review is up, this is one great book! If you want to succeed selling on Etsy then you need to read this book.

On being Deaf

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I am deaf… and I’m about to be even more so! I’ve been going deaf for over half my life now. I was injured as a cop. I was the 2nd female State Trooper in Alaska in the 70s and was also a crash-rescue fireman (2nd female one of those in Anchorage too) at the same time. So the guns and jets (without hearing protection) killed my hearing.
I’ve had 1 cochlear implant and I’m about to have the 2nd. It’s rather scary for me. The surgery completely destroys all residual hearing in the affected ear. But the return is fabulous!!!! Right now, I can hear better than I have in a long, long time. But still drop to 25% or so when there’s any background noise, and I have to have closed captions on TV. Next Thursday’s surgery means I will never-ever hear any sound naturally again till I’m with Christ. Hopefully, prayerfully, the implant will be successful and I’ll hear even more than now. (Stepped in front of a car this week, because all sound comes through my left ear. So I looked towards the sound…. it was coming from the other way. Person driving probably thought I was an idiot ;-)
Over the last few years constantly trying to talk on a normal phone has gotten so difficult for me I’ve given up. That’s NOT going to ever improve, the cochlear implants can’t help me with that. But last night my husband, my God-given, blessed husband got me a CapTel 800i. Every day at work I’ve seen this phone, and oh, I’ve wanted one. But there are incredibly expensive. I never, ever even mentioned it to him. Yet, in his love for me, and his understanding, he got me one. WOW! Today, I talked with one son and my mom and was able to NOT have to ask them to repeat (except when their words were unclear to the operator ;-) anything, because I could read their words.
During another conversation today, after mentioning how frustrating it has been for me (on the phone) I was told that I “have to understand” that it’s frustrating for the hearing person too. No, I don’t think I do “have to understand”, because I can’t! I don’t know the frustration of constantly having to repeat myself to a stupid deaf person! Do I?
My husband had a stroke several years ago, and he can no longer run around the block. Whose job is it to understand he can no longer run? His? No, he KNOWS he can no longer run. Mine? Yep, absolutely and if I love him, I will NEVER ask him to run again. Do I have the right to be frustrated with him for not being able to run? Absolutely NOT!
I would really like my loved ones to put their face in mine and speak up so that I can hear them. And if they can see by the blank look on my face that I didn’t get the punch line of some shared joke, please repeat it, without me having to ask! Please?
What do y’all think? I want to put this out there for conversation… Is it up to the person with the challenging limitation to be understanding of the healthy person’s frustration?

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