Buy American – Build America!

I would like just one thing, same as many others… a stronger economy! How do we get that? That’s easy!

First, let’s consider how we can successfully keep it going downhill… What happens when we send our profit to Japan? (an engine built here is not profit, that’s part of sales, profit is over and above that and goes back to the Mother Country)… Our jobs offshore? And then bailout those who fail because we did the 1st 2 things?

WE SINK! Our economy cannot get better until and unless we invest in ourselves FIRST!

  1. BUY American (not Korean, Japanese, nor Chinese)
  2. Keep our jobs here, don’t hire an Indonesian in Indonesia when we have people who need jobs! But DO HIRE an Indonesian here who needs a job
  3. Finally, let our economy right itself!

If you do not want to buy an American car… OK… but then DO NOT bail out the American Car company! There really is some LOGIC here…. Or consider…. if YOU do NOT want to buy an American car… OK… but then do NOT make ME bail out that American car company.

This isn’t rocket science, rather it’s sound economic principles in motion. Can anyone speak for me? Not really, unless they proscribe to the above! We see so many “pass it on” messages… Can you pass this one on?