Enter to win FREE $80 Sterling Wilder Bits Earrings

Registration is now open for a gorgeous pair of handmade one of a kind Wilder Bits jigsaw puzzle earrings. These are hand wrapped in 100% sterling silver (and are tagged .925). There’s nothing to buy, no beans in a jar to count, all you have to do is register on http://www.WilderBaubles.com

These earrings get a lot of attention whenever I wear a pair similar. So you’ll really enjoy them! I’m constantly hearing “original” but even that doesn’t make it fun. It’s fun, simply because I think they’re cool and I get to play in all the pretty colors. I’m prayerfully hoping you’ll like them too. You can see all of them on Etsy at http://WilderBaubles.etsy.com

© 2012, Luci Wilder. All rights reserved.

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