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Our genealogical and historical information is the fruit of over 30 years of research by my mom, my husband Gordon (with his father's and step-mother's efforts before him), and me (Hi, I'm Luci). Our primary goal is to share the results with you. We are hopeful that you, perhaps a "cousin", will find this data useful in your own research and in turn that you might be able to help us clarify, improve, and verify our knowledge of the people who've walked before us and because of whom we are. My mom's PURDY and my husband's WILDER trees are by far the most substantial. You'll find information on nearly 6,000 ancestors, including their colateral families. My father's GLAZIER family is more meger (so far) with only a few hundered individuals.

You do not need to "register" to see all the information within our genealogy. However, if you find it useful and do choose to register, we'll be able to let you know when new data, particularly in your area of interest, is added. Be sure to check out the numerous links in the top right menus.

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Stokley & Inez WILDER
Stokley & Inez WILDER

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We'll start off sharing some of our Fathers with you. Note the icons for photos and for histories when they are available for an individual.



I really want to know more about my Great-great Grandmother Luella R VANDERLIP. She was born in March of 1861 in Rich Township, Lapeer County, Michigan. I only know her father's name was John and her mother's name was Harriet. Many years ago my Grandmother GLAZIER gave me a milk glass candy dish that had been her Grandmother Ella's. That was basically all I knew. Since then I have found her full name... it appears that my Grandmother who was Rose Luella HARRIS was named after her Grandmother Luella Rose. But, she never mentioned that. Please, if you know anything about her or her family, please contact me, I'd be thrilled to hear from you.

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NOTE: Where sources have been identified and documented they are so cited throughout this site; many more will be added as we go forward. The information on this site may be used for personal research only. That is, comercial use of the material presented here is prohibited.