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Yesterday I was laid off. We’ve depended on my 6 figure income for 11 years. So sounds horrible right? Absolutely NOT! Here are 10 huge blessings which makes this one of the happiest days of my life! PRAISE GOD

  1. Romans 8:28 “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” This is covered by that ALL. PRAISE GOD
  2. I had a wonderful opportunity to witness to my colleagues both openly verbally (for the first time since they hired me they couldn’t fire me for openly prostlytizing) and by the lack of tears and with a lot of smiles. PRAISE GOD
  3. Last night our daughter called me and gave me several leads on where to sell our jewelry… That was both a wonderful thing to do and cheered me immensely (I love you too Baby Girl) and professionally great for Wilder Baubles. PRAISE GOD
  4. My severance package is huge… Pay through March with life health insurance, dental and vision. AND professional support to me as to career options including resume, job search, BETTER Entrepeneurship, that is to formalize and professionalize Wilder Baubles (WOW!!!) and they are giving me $2,500 to take classes (formal metalsmithing for Wilder Baubles). PRAISE GOD
  5. Because God held their hand from laying me off in the first 3 rounds of layoffs, I was able to: get 2 cochlear implants, was covered through several pnemonias, a ruptured disk in my neck, spinal stenousous, and get my heart checked out, get all the tools needed for Wilder Baubles, reach the age of 60 (see why this is sooo good below). PRAISE GOD
  6. Because I’m 60 with 11 years with them I qualify for early retirement and can NOW draw my pension while also getting severance COOL!! – I just found out about this this morning. You don’t know that I’ve prayed nearly every day that The Lord allow me to join Gordon in retirement. Wow!!! AGAIN he’s directly answered my prayers. PRAISE GOD
  7. Because God’s timing is always perfect we have all the tools, supplies, work area needed to really get Wilder Baubles going and I can book us (Wilder Baubles) every week going forward. PRAISE GOD
  8. His timing and providence also allowed us to get a wonderful truck debt free for our shows (1953 Ford F-100 ;0) PRAISE GOD
  9. The time I needed to make jewelry WITHOUT working two jobs. PRAISE GOD
  10. Successful hunter sons to provide meat ;0) PRAISE GOD

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