It’s all a matter of perspective…

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Life can be hard… does anyone really dispute that? It doesn’t seem to matter whether you’re rich or famous (or both) or poor and homeless… extremes… yes… but the point is that every one of us has problems… every single one of us… no matter where we are in life or in the world… albeit some of our problems may be significantly more tragic than others… and while some may be happy today… wait 5 minutes…

There are hundreds of people who think they know the answers… they write books… how to be rich, skinny, married, divorced… whatever it is you think you need to be happy… I guarantee you there’s a book about it… Periodically someone thinks they’ve found THE answer and a new top 10 book is born… but that book gets shelved (pun intended)… life goes on… so do the problems… and the wonder-book of the moment is forgotten… ever thought… if even one of those books was right why don’t things change?…. Seems like a book that really had the answers would be in the top 10 for longer than just a couple of months… wouldn’t it?

My life’s no different from yours… I have “issues”… better translated… “problems”… I’m getting older, kids live too far away… never see enough of the grandkids… work is hard and getting harder thanks to a new boss… over weight… diabetic… hard of hearing… get the picture…. but, you know what… I have so much joy in my heart, it makes me want to shout from the roof tops… I mean I’m… “I don’t really need anything”… profoundly happy… why? I know what’s really going on here… but MORE importantly I KNOW what comes next and it’s soul-satisfyingly glorious!

It’s all a matter of perspective…. if you’re miserable… I bet you’re looking in… focusing on yourself… thinking you and you alone have to come up with the solutions… or maybe you think you have the solution, but it’s dependent on something you have to do… so maybe you buy a book….

There’s one book that beats all the others hands-down… the #1 best seller of all time that really can put it all in perspective… it’s the Bible… and it can answer all of life’s guestions. I can take any event (absolutely any… Dad’s suicide… husband’s stroke… any) and find the solution… why I have a problem to begin with, what I should do about it… all talked about in the Bible… name me any other book like that… sharper than a two edged sword… I can find any answer in that book to any question about how I should or should not behave…. Have you ever thought about what it is? It’s marvelous… It’s a love letter… from God to man… me… you!

One time David (as in King David) was having it tough… he’d lost his job, his home… everything… his son was trying to kill him, he was sleeping in a cave… in Psalms, he started to ask God, “Why me?” But, he switched perspectives and started praising God for all the good things He’d done in David’s life… before long David wasn’t sad any longer… he was singing God’s praises to the highest of heavens.

If you’re a believer and you’re unhappy… get back to basics.. pray about it, lay it at God’s feet… pick up your Bible and start reading… Romans is great.. so is John ;-)

If you’re not a believer what then… the Bible can solve your problems too… this entire thing called “life” is a process… a process of making a decision… a decision for Christ or against Him…. people choose not to believe because they do not want to be responsible to God for their actions… their pride stands in their way… they don’t want a God telling them what they can and can’t do.

But, did you know it’s really all about love? The earth and everything on it were created to be a setting for a jewel… where’s the jewel? Why, Honey, it’s you. You are the jewel!!!

The whole book is about love… love of God the Creator for you!…. John 3:16 says it so well… “For God so loved the world [that's you too] that He gave His only son…” He didn’t come for Himself… HE loves you so much, HE did everything necessary so YOU can have a relationship with HIM.

It’s a choice… your choice… go at the world alone, with only you by your side… or go at it with God by your side… the choice is totally up to you.

I’m keeping you in my prayers… God loves you so much!!! He is not willing that you should perish and be separated from Him forever!… choose GOD and you’ll find everything else falling into proper perspective.

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  • And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

    John 8:32


3 Responses to “It’s all a matter of perspective…”
  1. Gordon says:

    It so refreshing to read your Posts. Sometimes I do find myself wondering on my own and then I think about all the Blessings Our Lord has brought to me through you and our family and my ability to work, when several years ago we were told that I would never be able to work again or manage finances like I once did. Clearly, it was only Yours and Our Lords Love that proved everyone wrong. Please don’t stop writing here! I may not get a chance to read them often but I always know where to come!!

  2. jennifer says:

    wow. i like this one. i feel like this was me march 2006… well, the part where u said, if your miserable, your are looking in at your self.. i like that, it makes sence.

    i love your blogs.

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