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Going forward, ad infitum, ALL purchasers will get a 10% off coupon towards their next purchase. Not to be out done.. 2nd+ purchases, that is, all future purchases will ALSO be rewarded with an additional coupon good for Free Shipping. Once you purchase from us 1 time you’ll get 10% off ALL future purchases, and upon buying something from us a 2nd time will get you FREE SHIPPING for all future purchases. For example, your 3rd purchase (and every purchase after that) will be rewarded with 10% off AND FREE Shipping. When you become a customer of Wilder Baubles YOU are The Point! We want you to ALWAYS be a customer! And, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is ALWAYS in effect. Without YOU there is no Wilder Baubles! and THEN…

There’s our Leap Year GIVEAWAY – one per month for 2012, starting Sadie Hawkin’s Day (February 29th)! You do NOT have to buy anything to win!

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