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There are two primary aspects to The Wilder Place… the blog… and Our GENEALOGY… In trying to make it one of the coolest sites around I’m reading a lot of material… and learning a lot!

The later (Our GENEALOGY) is very easy thanks to TNG. But the blog on the other hand… well that’s a different story. How do I make one blog… my blog… stand out from the over 112 million (Dec 2007) other blogs? I’ve been researching that question for a little while now….

In my research I’ve come across a truly wonderful little book… Designing for the Social Web (Voices That Matter) by Joshua Porter… great book!

Mr. Porter points out that he’s discovered that the most popular sites (e.g., Amazon, eBay, etc.) allow users to interact sociably with people, primarily in the search for…. drum rollTRUTH… believe it or not. I was shocked at this, since that’s my #1 goal, that is to find and share TRUTH. In the book it’s emphasized that a person’s desire for the truth is evidenced by his/her use of recommendations made by real people as to the seller’s honesty and/or the product’s quality.

Personally, I think there’s a dichotomy in that while we want truth in the above respect, we do NOT want (for the most part) to hear TRUTH in regards to our personal decisions. My own thought on this is that we (a) do not want to be responsible for our decisions, and (b) do not want to admit – even to ourselves – that we are or can be wrong.

For the record… as all those who know me can attest… I can be and often am… W-R-O-N-G… but my rightness or wrongness has nothing whatsoever to do with the truthfulness about an action or thought of mine.

I’ve heard innumerable times over the last 10 years or so that “evangelical Christians are intolerant”… that’s absolutely not true… it’s actually a lie, because it is said with an intent to mislead people… How can I say it’s in error? … Easy… because by definition to be intolerant means to not allow another person to think, say, and/or do something in particular. I, on the other hand, completely (100%) support and applaud each and every person’s ability to make their own choices about anything! You, I, and every single other person on this planet have an innate right to make their/our own decisions.

It does not matter at all that we make different choices, not a bit! While in some cultures, countries, and/or societies a person’s right to choose is physically suppressed, I am personally willing  to fight to the death and to do everything I can to ensure we all maintain the right to choose, to think, believe, and behave differently. I respect YOU period! As a human being, the same “being” as I. You are valuable! You do not have to agree with me to have value as a human being; I did not create you… you come from the same source I did… for that reason I can respect you even if we make different choices… I can learn things from you, yesterday, today, and tomorrow, primarily from the differences that exist between us.

BUT… there still exists TRUTH… absolute TRUTH.. and my saying that does not impact your ability to make a choice at all. When one looks to Amazon customer recommendations or eBay seller ratings they are acknowledging that truth does indeed exist.

For one to say that I may not say something is right or wrong… is to strip me of my freedom of speech, that is to not allow me to say what I think… that is real intolerance!

Blogging for Technorati

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I’m “claiming” my blog… to do that I have to copy, paste and publish a post on my blog’s front page… this –> 29kmsv8ntj

I guess this is so I can prove it’s my blog. Why would I want to do this with someone else’s blog?

Technorati seems at first blush to be pretty cool. It’s going to take me a while to work my way through it.

I’ve been reading some very, very good books lately. The latest is “Designing for the Social Web (Voices That Matter)” by Joshua Porter. I’m only on chapter 4 and already I’ve learned a lot. I’ll be blogging more about this book and some of the insights I’ve gained about today’s web. Later….. now to finish “claiming” my blog :D

Bigger problems…

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Yesterday, I had bigger problems than just deleting two little posts and one user id…. I was… like any good developer… (good is a relative term and remains to be seen)… testing my site links… as I did so I realized that my mother’s site… Moms-Musings… had been destroyed… by whom?… By me of course… in dumping all my movable type stuff I disconnected her blog as well… I’d forgotten that her site was using the same engine as mine… but then… that’s how I’d set it up.

Ok… I’d just get her site up on WordPress now instead of later… being only partially conscious by this time… when I set up her database on my sever (MySQL) I’d tangled up the admin user names (for a second time)… recalling that problem quickly… but not quickly enough… I landed up totally locked out of all my WordPress and TNG installations… OK… Now what?

Well, I’d just go in as one of the users.. oh but my only user had just Editor access… wouldn’t want someone locking me out would I?… No-o-o-o-o… HA!

I ended up having to go into MySQL and changing my husband’s access privledges, making him an adm… that worked… I detangled all the databases… got Mom’s site up and running… got her a pretty new style… called her to let her know I was really sorry about the mess I’d made and what do I find?

My poor Mom is sick as a dog (begs the question of … How sick is the dog?… We don’t have a dog… huh?)… She couldn’t care less about the site right now… Please keep her in your prayers too… that the Lord heal her quickly and protect the health of my niece, who hangs out a lot with her Grandma…. as for me? … I’m going to take a nap… and hope I get over the shame of having destroyed everything I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks….

Oh and by-the-way… my dearly much-loved 77 year old Mom takes her test for her black belt in Tae Kwon Do in August… this wonderful lady can still take my lights out… I’m very proud of her!

Just lost my last two posts…

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I’ve been working hard to redo my blog… switched from Movable Type to WordPress… good decision… and trying to make both it and TNG work well together and look like they are both part of the same site…. had a problem with one of my user names and deleted it… not paying enough attention….. deleted all the posts I’d written as… well, as me…

So… to put them back in….

On 10 June I wrote….

Yesterday, Chris and Jennifer got the news from her doctor from the biopsies she had last week. Jennifer has (had?):

* Uterine cancer – stage 1 (removed during the surgery)
* Minute intestinal cancers (they think these will all be eliminated by chemo)
* Abdominal wall cancer (removed during the surgery)
* Ovarian – stage 3c  cancer

On a more positive note, Jennifer’s recovering from the surgery, she has a tremendous attitude about this, and she’s beginning to get up and down by herself. Chris returns to work tomorrow, so Jennifer will be at home and Chris will be worrying about her.

Also, a new bed was donated so that takes care of that need: THANK YOU!

Jennifer starts chemo next week. Please keep them both in your prayers, and donations to these two who have minimum wage jobs, and Jennifer can’t work for a long time… with no insurance and no savings, would sincerely be appreciated… you can send it to their Church (address in top left of the side-bar.)… thank you for both.

On the 6th of June… I blogged…

Today Jennifer and Chris get to go home to Murray (remember they’re at the University of Louisville, James Graham Brown Cancer Center)… praise Our Lord! Home is so much more comfortable than a hospital room.

A song came to mind for my kids this morning… called One Day At a Time, Sweet Jesus, it was sung by Kris Kristofferson…

The chorus went…
One day at a time sweet Jesus
That’s all I’m asking from you.
Just give me the strength
To do everyday what I have to do.
Yesterday’s gone sweet Jesus
And tomorrow may never be mine.
Lord help me today, show me the way
One day at a time.

The Lord has this whole thing orchestrated… a couple of days ago the person who drove them to Louisville up and deserted them there, with no way home… piece of work, I must say that upset me greatly, because I’m powerless… stuck here in Florida unable to do much more than provide encouragement. But, the sister of their Sunday School teacher works at the hospital and she’s going to take them home… She said, “I’ll get to visit my sister.” Makes it sound like the kids are doing her a favor… Just more proof God’s got this in control. May the Lord give them a safe and comfortable trip home, and may He bless the driver abundantly!

Jennifer’s getting sad and scared, she’s beginning to understand what all this means… your prayers for their strength are more important than ever. It’s hard to stay focused on today, when tomorrow is so frightening. There’s a scripture which says, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has entered into the mind of man, the things [God] has prepared for those that Love Him.” I told Chris they should think about what this means and to try to imagine what wonderful things the Lord’s provided for them in the future… this is the last resort if our minds simply can’t quit thinking about tomorrow… switch the focus from thinking about ourselves to thinking about the Lord.

Jennifer will need to go back to Louisville every three (3) weeks for chemotherapy. It’s going to be an extremely high dosage… in itself life threatening… and it may make Jennifer very ill.

Current Needs
-Prayer – of course… tons and tons of prayer
-Transportation to and from Louisville for chemo therapy
-Jennifer won’t be able to work for a long time – so their meger income is cut in half – they were just getting by before – financial support is really needed
-Their current bed was free but it’s too low to the ground and way too soft. They need a new bed firmer and higher off the ground so Jennifer can sit on it without hurting herself. (Donated by a local mattress company – may God sincerely bless you!)

Please help them, whatever you can spare, is tremendously appreciated. Please, even a card of encouragement or sharing your own story would be helpful.

Thank you for caring enough to read this blog, I’ll keep you updated. God bless you!