People, we need to stand up and speak!

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This world is becoming so incredibly sad! It didn’t start out that way. In the beginning it was perfect, without blemish. Look around you, there’s pain and ugliness all over the place. People hurting each other and themselves. The lies are everywhere you look.

I want to cry, yell, scream, and simply speak all at the very same time. Don’t we get it? Don’t we see? We’re losing not just the battle but we are losing the very war!

Why? Oh, that answer is so easy… because we choose to reject the very God that created, loved, and came to earth to BE … simply to BE for us!

We aren’t worth much, you and I. Either we are nothing at all or we’re made of clay… sand, dust… and water… yep! That’s about it! At the very minimum you and I are “created.”

Did you cause yourself to come into being? Wow! One day you opened your eyes and you were. What about before that moment? Where were you then? Did you have consciousness? Did you have being? Did you cause anything else to BE?

We think so highly of ourselves. We think we’re right, we’ve got the answers, we know the truth. What else? WE, the created beings, call God a liar. Let’s really contemplate that… YOU are bigger and better and more powerful than God?

Did your mom and dad exist before you existed? Yes, of course they did. They are the reason you are here, right?

Yes… and we can take this argument as far back as you’d like. To the very beginning… YOU did NOT create yourself! And, even if you do go back to the very first “self”, you didn’t create it, neither did it (or who) create itself either. So who did?

The simple truth of the matter is, that no matter how far back we go, something or someone created something or someone else first.

If you choose to believe that there was no first cause, no first creation, that it was all by an accident, or by “chance”… go for it. Just please show me, just one example of that, and you only need one, then I’ll believe you.

You think I have “faith” because I believe that something or someone created it all to begin with. But, I have all the exemplary evidence from which to make such a statement and you don’t.

You are exceptionally brave. To call God All Mighty a liar. You want Him not to BE, because you do not want to be responsible for your actions. You do not want to find that you need someone else to step in and “save you from your sins.” Only because you don’t want to be punished for those self same sins. (Truth be told, neither do I.)

When I was in 4th grade (that would make me about 10 at the time.) I was going to go to St. Augustine on a school field trip. I “took” (as in stole, took without permission) $10 from my mom’s purse. When she accused me of it, I vehemently denied it. “No, Mom, I didn’t take it!”

I did not want to be found guilty of doing something so terrible as stealing from her. But I had! I had taken $10 from her purse and then lied to her swearing I had NOT done it. But I had. And then she proceeded to spank me for that! Good for her! Bad for me!

The point here is that whether or not I choose to admit it, she knew that I had taken that $10. And, she punished me for it. I think she spanked me as much for the lying as for the stealing. The final outcome of that punishment was that I never lied to, nor stole from her again. Do you think God will punish you for calling Him a liar or for stealing something from Him?

What about God? He’s so much bigger than my mom! It doesn’t matter whether you admit His existence or not. Because He isn’t dependent upon you. YOU are dependent upon Him. He loves you, so much that He already paid the price for any and all sins which you have committed or will commit at any point in the future.

You (nor I) are powerful enough to effect the outcome on this issue. He IS whether we like it or not. Think for just a minute… if He really IS then all this “life” thing is about the choice you and I make concerning His existence.

If He doesn’t exist… no problem… you’ll not be punished, nor do you need Him to have done anything on your behalf. Ah, but if He does exist… it’s a totally different story, isn’t it?

John 3:16 says, “For God SO loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish, but have ever lasting life.”

Do you want to live forever? I do! Can you get there on your own? Not me! But I can get there by the God that created me and loved me so much, He just wanted me to accept Him because I chose to. And, I do!

To Speak the Truth

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There are two primary aspects to The Wilder Place… the blog… and Our GENEALOGY… In trying to make it one of the coolest sites around I’m reading a lot of material… and learning a lot!

The later (Our GENEALOGY) is very easy thanks to TNG. But the blog on the other hand… well that’s a different story. How do I make one blog… my blog… stand out from the over 112 million (Dec 2007) other blogs? I’ve been researching that question for a little while now….

In my research I’ve come across a truly wonderful little book… Designing for the Social Web (Voices That Matter) by Joshua Porter… great book!

Mr. Porter points out that he’s discovered that the most popular sites (e.g., Amazon, eBay, etc.) allow users to interact sociably with people, primarily in the search for…. drum rollTRUTH… believe it or not. I was shocked at this, since that’s my #1 goal, that is to find and share TRUTH. In the book it’s emphasized that a person’s desire for the truth is evidenced by his/her use of recommendations made by real people as to the seller’s honesty and/or the product’s quality.

Personally, I think there’s a dichotomy in that while we want truth in the above respect, we do NOT want (for the most part) to hear TRUTH in regards to our personal decisions. My own thought on this is that we (a) do not want to be responsible for our decisions, and (b) do not want to admit – even to ourselves – that we are or can be wrong.

For the record… as all those who know me can attest… I can be and often am… W-R-O-N-G… but my rightness or wrongness has nothing whatsoever to do with the truthfulness about an action or thought of mine.

I’ve heard innumerable times over the last 10 years or so that “evangelical Christians are intolerant”… that’s absolutely not true… it’s actually a lie, because it is said with an intent to mislead people… How can I say it’s in error? … Easy… because by definition to be intolerant means to not allow another person to think, say, and/or do something in particular. I, on the other hand, completely (100%) support and applaud each and every person’s ability to make their own choices about anything! You, I, and every single other person on this planet have an innate right to make their/our own decisions.

It does not matter at all that we make different choices, not a bit! While in some cultures, countries, and/or societies a person’s right to choose is physically suppressed, I am personally willing  to fight to the death and to do everything I can to ensure we all maintain the right to choose, to think, believe, and behave differently. I respect YOU period! As a human being, the same “being” as I. You are valuable! You do not have to agree with me to have value as a human being; I did not create you… you come from the same source I did… for that reason I can respect you even if we make different choices… I can learn things from you, yesterday, today, and tomorrow, primarily from the differences that exist between us.

BUT… there still exists TRUTH… absolute TRUTH.. and my saying that does not impact your ability to make a choice at all. When one looks to Amazon customer recommendations or eBay seller ratings they are acknowledging that truth does indeed exist.

For one to say that I may not say something is right or wrong… is to strip me of my freedom of speech, that is to not allow me to say what I think… that is real intolerance!

C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Christ

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What are friends for? Well for one thing, helping us to answer the most import questions of life… right?

C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien by all accounts were indeed very good friends. They worked together and they shared a love of literature, language, and of course, fairy tales. At the beginning they did not share a love of Christ… in fact at one point Lewis said that “myths” were lies… his friend Tolkien led him to see otherwise.

According to the Wikipedia at

Lewis was a close friend of J. R. R. Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings, and both were leading figures in the English faculty at Oxford University and in the informal Oxford literary group known as the “Inklings”. Due in part to Tolkien’s influence, Lewis converted to Christianity, becoming “a very ordinary layman of the Church of England”. (Lewis 1952, pp. 6) His conversion had a profound effect on his work, and his wartime radio broadcasts on the subject of Christianity brought him wide acclaim. Late in life he married the American writer Joy Gresham, who died of bone cancer four years later at the age of 45.

The “Seek God” website ( relates that…

It was J.R.R Tolkien who, as a professor of Anglo-Saxon language at Oxford University, led a colleague to embrace Christ in 1929. The colleague was C.S. Lewis, who would go on to become a stalwart apologist for the Christian faith. Lewis also wrote a Christian fantasy series, “The Chronicles of Narnia,” along with apologetic works such as “Mere Christianity,” and “The Problem of Pain.”

You may agree, irrespective of your world view, that these two wonderful men left us quite a legacy. They left us marvelous stories, they left us wonderful examples of Christian men living and working for our Lord. For me… they’ve left a desire to see through their allegorical stories… to see the Real Story behind their words.

Oh, and by the way… the person in my life who helped me to see the truth of Christ was my mother. Thankfully, today she’s also one of my closest friends.