Where are we with Wilder Baubles?

January 14, 2012 by  
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Well… after 2 years, we’re nearly “real”… we’ve prayed so hard about this! Over and over again! We do NOT want to go where the Lord does NOT lead us, because… well.. that would NOT be a good thing. He promises that if we acknowledge Him then He’ll lead us! It’s so simple, because He’s real, not a figment of my (nor your) imagination! We have a product, that lots of people really, really like! We even have a tent, and the applications are in… we’re ready (nearly) to launch Wilder Baubles, in particular Wilder Bits to the South-Eastern Florida seaboard… what’s left? The banner… Gordon’s working on that… what else… only one thing… the Lord to bless it and us… we’ll keep you posted!

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